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10 important things to consider to avoid costly mistakes.

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I'm Interested in a New Bathroom

How much will a new bathroom cost?

Whatever the age of your home there are several benefits to remodelling your bathroom

Having a new bathroom or updating your existing room can be a lengthy and potentially disruptive process.

Using a professional bathroom installation team means that the disruption to you is kept to the bare minimum.

Things To Consider

  • How often will it be used and by how many people?
  • Do you want just a single sink, or a twin sink set up?
  • Do you need a bath and a shower, or just one or the other?
  • Is it an ensuite bathroom?
  • Will you have a shower over your bath or a separate shower unit?
  • Do you want an electric power shower?
  • What sort of taps and fittings would you like?
  • Does your budget stretch to fully tiled or wet wall panels?
  • Do you require storage space for towels and toiletries?
  • What type of floor covering will you have?
  • Is there a colour scheme or theme you prefer?
  • What arrangements will be needed for heating & lighting?
  • What accessories – heated towel rails etc, do you want?

What Are The Benefits of a New Bathroom?


In some older houses, the bathroom suite may be years old and back when they were designed, the choice of appliance and bathroom furniture may have been small compared to what is available now. For example, it may have only been possible to have a bathtub, a sink and a toilet, you now have the option of an electric power shower, a new bathroom suite, a bidet, a foot spa, a Jacuzzi or a vanity unit. Whilst all these additions scream luxury, they also have functionality meaning you can have a luxurious but extremely useful bathroom


One of the main reasons people choose to remodel their bathroom is because their old solution is either no longer working properly or looks old and worn out. In a new bathroom, you can ensure that all the current issues and problems you have can be eradicated for good.

Use of Space

As has already been mentioned, one of the largest issues with bathroom designs of old was a lack of proper design. This didn’t always ensure the best use of space and the most economical plan. It may have resulted in a complex pipe or hot water configuration and this could be costing you and your family a great amount of money. Remodelling the bathroom means finding the best use of space, whatever the size of your room.

House Value

When they’re looking for a new home, most would-be homebuyers will seek out those with pleasant gardens, modern kitchens and attractive bathrooms. You might not have any desire to move home at the present time but with a newly fitted and designed bathroom, you can be assured that should you choose to, that bathroom is going to work to sell your house and increase its attractiveness and value to your prospective purchasers.

Bathroom Installations 

At Auchenraith Plumbing & Heating, we specialise in high quality, luxury bathroom design. Designing, supplying and installing truly stunning bathrooms.

 Taste is a personal thing that we respect and where possible, we give you the choice to decide exactly where you want things; from a border tile to a light position. At the same time, we are happy to offer free advice based on our experience

We design luxurious bathrooms, using the latest textures, colours and products, to make every one of our bathroom designs perfect.

Our experienced in-house design team combine functionality with aesthetics whilst using high quality bathroom sanitaryware, to give each bathroom a luxury, individual, high quality feel 

We believe bathrooms should be both functional and beautiful, creating a unique space that is truly enjoyable to be in.

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